Coloured Hat On A Grey Day by Tobias Mayr, CC2.0The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) was founded in 1969 with the following purposes in mind:

  • To facilitate networking and information exchange among persons, in Canada and abroad, engaged in teaching and research on Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • To foster especially within Canadian universities, colleges, and other centres of higher education, the expansion of information on and interest in Latin America and the Caribbean; and
  • To represent the academic and professional interests of Canadian Latin Americanists.

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Photo: Coloured Hat On A Grey Day by , CC2.0

CALACS Announcements

Call for new webpage for CALACS

CALACS requires a new multilingual website that, depicting a professional and highly attractive interface that privileges both functionality and a powerful design, is easy to navigate and maintain by a staff without the need to employ specialized services to make changes. Please, check our call attached below. The deadline for submissions is September 11, 2017.