The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) was founded in 1969 with the following purposes in mind:

  • To facilitate networking and information exchange among persons, in Canada and abroad, engaged in teaching and research on Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • To foster especially within Canadian universities, colleges, and other centres of higher education, the expansion of information on and interest in Latin America and the Caribbean; and
  • To represent the academic and professional interests of Canadian Latin Americanists.

Please accept a warm invitation to join us.

CALACS Announcements

Call for Nominations: CALACS Distinguished Fellow Award

The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) opens its call for nominations for its Distinguished Fellow Award for the year 2016.

This award is conferred to members and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to CALACS and whose actions have contributed to furthering its Vision and Mission (http://www.can-latam.org/about ).

The award, which does not carry any special benefits other than the distinction itself, will be conferred in a ceremony at the 2016 CALACS congress in Calgary (June 1-3, 2016).
Information about the CALACS Congress is available at: https://www.can-latam.org/congress/2016/home

Ideally the recipient is planning to attend the Congress. The call for proposals deadline for the Congress itself is November 1, 2015. If you know this to be the case please indicate this in the letter of nomination. Nominations received will be kept on file for future years.

How to make a nomination for the Distinguished Fellow Award:

The following reference materials will be evaluated for considering candidates for the award:

* letter(s) of nomination

* positions held by nominees within CALACS in the past, in which capacity and for how long (for example on the Association’s Board of Directors or with the journal- CJLACS)

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