Call for Proposals - Congress 2018

The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) invites you to participate in CALACS's 2018 Conference, to be held at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), May 16-18.

The Americas—One or Many?

The idea of ​​the Americas is shaped by a tension - both creative and disruptive - between what pulls together and what divides social, political, economic and cultural space. On the one hand, the trends towards continental integration, as well as national development projects, inclusive citizenship, and democratic consolidation, call for unity: a common history, a cohesive citizenry, a shared vision.

But the quest for equality and justice, as well as the recognition that identities – even those anchored in history – are fluid and multiple, increasingly highlights the disagreements, asymmetries and gaps that exist in the region. The present time seems to be one of pluralism in all forms, sometimes even at the cost of fragmentation, to the extent that the idea of ​​freedom has become closely intertwined with that of withdrawal into oneself. Yet cohesion, solidarity and a sense of belonging remain strong principles ​​of collective action.

We want to put this issue at the heart of the discussions at the annual CALACS conference. On a very general level, one can formulate questions such as: one nation or several for the same state? A universal citizenship or special rights afforded to different social groups? A single Pan-American system or a set of regional blocs? But the tension between the singular and the plural, between unity and diversity, between what unites and what divides, also underlies phenomena as diverse as artistic production, electoral representation, migration processes, social mobilization, normative frameworks, and education, among others.


In addition to panels, papers, and workshops exploring the abovementioned themes, we invite proposals on any subject regarding Latin America and the Caribbean. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of CALACS, we are especially interested in addressing these topics from an inter- or multidisciplinary point of view. We also encourage submitting individual proposals.

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The deadline for proposals submission for panels, workshops, and individual papers is January 31, 2018 through the conference website.


Submissions have closed for CALACS 2018.

To access the Abstract Submission Form below please using your membership credentials, or as a new CALACS member.

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Proposals (around 350 words) can be submitted in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

For panel and workshop submissions, please ensure each panel participant makes their individual submission through the webpage system. The panel organizer must then send an email to the program coordinator at indicating the names of the individuals that are part of the same panel or workshop.

Please note that you must be a member of CALACS to submit a proposal.


Pictures: Cacao Plant at La Loma Jungle Lodge by , CC by NC 2.0, and Favela 01 by CC by NC 2.0

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Congress 2018: The Americas — One or Many?