Election of new officers

The election of new officers for the CALACS Board of Directors will take place between May 28 and June 2, 2017 by means of electronic voting.

Elections will be held to fill the following positions for the specified length of term:

(1) Three directors at large (3 years): one of the members elected may be appointed by the Board to the Executive as Vice President as per the Not for Profit Act. Candidates willing to serve in this executive position should indicate that interest in their bio.

(2) One student member to serve for a period of 3 years on the Board.

Any member of CALACS who is in good standing and who is interested in running for any of these offices, or in nominating another member of CALACS for any of these positions, should send their name, statement of interest and a short bio (not longer than 250 words in any language submitted) to the attention of the Elections Officer, Alejandro Hernández, at elections@can-latam.org by May 15, 2017.

***Each candidacy must also be supported by two members of CALACS in good standing, with this support expressed by email to the Elections Officer at the abovementioned email.

If this requirement represents a challenge to one's candidacy, please contact the CALACS Elections Officer.

Candidates are encouraged, though not required, to submit their bios in both English and French.

Bios will be circulated to members in advance of voting and during the election period on the CALACS listserv, but only in the languages provided to us by the candidates.

Candidates are invited to support CALACS vision and mission:


CALACS is a diverse and vibrant Canadian based international scholarly organization that promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching. The Association disseminates and mobilizes knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and their Diasporas through networks and partnerships in Canada and abroad.

CALACS is a significant source of expertise to scholars, researchers, NGOs, policy makers, educators, and private sector organizations with an interest in Latin American and Caribbean countries and peoples.

Through its activities CALACS contributes to the understanding of the cultural, political, social, and economic experiences of Latin American and Caribbean peoples.


CALACS fosters the ongoing development of a dynamic intellectual community through a variety of events, publications, and communications media. It supports research and teaching and provides the infrastructure and capacity necessary to facilitate knowledge mobilization and engagement strategies.

The Association promotes the collective professional interests of its diverse membership. CALACS encourages and advocates for active Latin and American and Caribbean educational programming across Canada.

CALACS reaches out to and establishes partnerships with Latin American and Caribbean communities, NGOs, research institutions, and international academics. In addition, the Association works to inform policy makers, and public and private sector organizations through its events, publications, communications media, and virtual resources.

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