Edit My Profile

Your CALACS Extended Profile

This is the page on which you can create and edit your CALACS 'Extended Profile', and choose whether or not to be included in a list of CALACS members that is accessible to search only by other CALACS members (i.e., the 'Community'. In addition, some of this information will be displayed on your profile page (also only accessible by other CALACS members). There are four main sections to this form:

  • Personal Details - In this section, you can confirm you name, provide a short bio and upload an image for your profile.
  • Contact Information - In this section, you can provide up to two addresses, as well as phone, fax and website details. Please note that your main address is the one to which we will mail the Journal.
  • Current Occupation - Here you can provide some information about your current employer or school, your academic field and and research interests.
  • Past Occupations - This last section allows you to provide up to three previous schools or employers.

None of these are mandatory, and you can leave and come back to this form at will - the easiest way of accessing it again is to click on your contact image. You can also display publications on your personal profile, though the method to add those is somewhat different and is explained in this If you do not wish to be included in the members list, we would still encourage you to fill out the rest of the form because the information is valuable in helping CALACS to meet the needs of its members.